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A604 / 41TE Technical Data

A604: 1989-1995 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep
41TE: 1996-up Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep


Drive Axle: FWD, AWD
Placement: Transverse
Forward Speeds: 4

Clutch Clearances

L/R (Select Reaction Plate) 0.035-0.058 in. (0.89-1.47 mm)
2-4 (No Selection) 0.030-0.104 in. (0.76-2.64 mm)
Rev (Select Snap Ring) 0.035-0.054 in. (0.89-1.37 mm)
OD (No Selection) 0.042-0.128 in. (1.07-3.25 mm)
UD (Select Pressure Plate) 0.037-0.059 in (0.94-1.50 mm)

End Play & Turning Torques

Input Shaft End Play: 0.005-0.025 in. (0.127-0.635 mm)
Transfer Shaft End Play: 0.002-0.004 in (0.051-0.102 mm)
Differential Assembly: 5-18 in. lbs. (0.6-2 N·m)
Output Shaft: 3-8 in. lbs. (0.3-2 N·m)

Oil Pump Clearances

Outer Gear-to-Crescent: 0.0023-0.0117 in. (0.060-0.298 mm)
Inner Gear-to-Crescent: 0.0036-0.0151 in. (0.093-0.385 mm)
Outer Gear-to-Pocket: 0.0035-0.0079 in. (0.089-0.202 mm)
Outer Gear Side: 0.0008-0.0018 in. (0.020-0.046 mm)
Inner Gear Side: 0.0008-0.0018 in. (0.020-0.046 mm)

Gear Ratios

1st Gear: 2.84
2nd Gear: 1.57
3rd Gear: 1.0
4th Gear 0.69
Reverse: 2.21
A604 Transmission
Photographed: A604 Transaxle

A604 / 41TE transmission pan


The 41TE is a four-speed transaxle that is a conventional hydraulic/mechanical assembly with an integral differential, and is controlled with adaptive electronic controls and monitors. The hydraulic system of the transaxle consists of the transaxle fluid, fluid passages, hydraulic valves, and various line pressure control components. An input clutch assembly which houses the underdrive, overdrive, and reverse clutches is used. It also utilizes separate holding clutches: 2nd/4th gear and Low/Reverse. The primary mechanical components of the transaxle consist of the following:

  • Three multiple disc input clutches
  • Two multiple disc holding clutches
  • Four hydraulic accumulators
  • Two planetary gear sets
  • Hydraulic oil pump
  • Valve body
  • Solenoid/Pressure switch assembly
  • Integral differential assembly

Control of the transaxle is accomplished by fully adaptive electronics. Optimum shift scheduling is accomplished through continuous real-time sensor feedback information provided to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or Transmission Control Module (TCM).

The PCM/TCM is the heart of the electronic control system and relies on information from various direct and indirect inputs (sensors, switches, etc.) to determine driver demand and vehicle operating conditions. With this information, the PCM/TCM can calculate and perform timely and quality shifts through various output or control devices (solenoid pack, transmission control relay, etc.).

The PCM/TCM also performs certain self-diagnostic functions and provides comprehensive information (sensor data, DTC's, etc.) which is helpful in proper diagnosis and repair. This information can be viewed with a scan tool.


Gear UD OD Rev 2-4 L/R
1st on off off off on
2nd on off off on off
3rd on on off off off
4th off on off on off
Rev off off on off on
Limp on off off on off
Gear UD OD 2-4 L/R
1st off off on on
2nd (limp) off off off off
3rd off on on off
4th on on off off
Rev off off off off
TCC on on off on


There are no sprags in this transmission


A604 Check Ball Locations 1989-1991 (plate ID 33)

1992-1996 (plate ID 46, 92 or 96)

1997-2005 (plate ID 99)

  Valve body info provided
Valve Body Pro
by Valve Body Pro


1st gear pressure chart
1st gear
2nd gear pressure chart
2nd gear
3rd gear pressure chart
3rd gear
4th gear TCC off
4th gear TCC off
4th gear TCC on
4th gear TCC on
neutral above 8 mph
neutral above 8 mph
park and neutral
park and neutral
reverse gear pressure chart
reverse gear
reverse block
reverse block

Hydraulic pressure charts provided by Michael Hill, Southern Illinois University, Automotive Technology


Cooler Line Fitting 105 in. lbs. (12 N·m) Pump to Case 20 ft. lbs. (27 N·m)
Cover Bolts (end, diff, & pan) 165 in. lbs. (19 N·m) Reaction Shaft to Pump 20 ft. lbs. (27 N·m)
Differential Bearing Retainer 21 ft. lbs. (28 N·m) Solenoid Assembly to Case 110 in. lbs. (12 N·m)
Differential Ring Gear 70 ft. lbs. (95 N·m) Speed Sensors 20 ft. lbs. (27 N·m)
Extension Housing 21 ft. lbs. (28 N·m) Transfer Gears 200 ft. lbs. (271 N·m)
Low/Rev Clutch Piston Retainer 45 in. lbs. (5 N·m) Valve Body Screws 45 in. lbs. (5 N·m)
Pressure Tap Plugs 45 in. lbs. (5 N·m) Valve Body to Case Bolts 105 in. lbs. (12 N·m)


Common Problems;
  • Hard shifting or binding after repairs (cvi's need updating)
  • Neutrals in 3rd (broken OD clutch hub)
  • Neutrals in 3rd (Stripped spline on front planetary carrier)
  • Harsh 1-2 shift, high 2-4 cvi, and/or 2nd ratio errors (plastic accumulator piston)
  • Delayed forward engagements (worn UD inner lip seal)
  • Bumps at stops, or late downshift after stopped (leaking low/rev piston seals)
  • Chatters on 1-2 shift (incorrect 2-4 clutch lining)
  • Intermittent ratio error DTC's (loose connections at speed sensors)

41TE solenoid pack connector

Solenoid Resistance Values;

  • UD: (pins 4 & 5) 2-6 ohms
  • OD: (pins 4 & 6) 2-6 ohms
  • 2-4: (pins 4 & 8) 2-6 ohms
  • L/R: (pins 4 & 7) 2-6 ohms


Gear Selector Position Actual Gear Pressure Taps
UD Clutch OD Clutch Rev Clutch TCC Off 2/4 Clutch L/R Clutch
Park * PARK 0-2 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
0 mph
REVERSE * REVERSE 0-2 0-7 165-235 50-100 0-2 165-235
0 mph
NEUTRAL * NEUTRAL 0-2 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
0 mph
L # FIRST 110-145 0-5 0-2 60-110 0-2 115-145
20 mph
3 # SECOND 110-145 0-5 0-2 60-110 115-145 0-2
30 mph
3 # DIRECT 75-95 75-95 0-2 60-90 0-2 0-2
45 mph
OD # OVERDRIVE 0-2 75-95 0-2 60-90 75-95 0-2
30 mph
OD # OVERDRIVE WITH TCC 0-2 75-95 0-2 0-5 75-95 0-2
50 mph
* Engine speed at 1500 rpm
# CAUTION: Both front wheels must be turning at the same speed.

A604 pressure test locations