2016 Toyota Tundra A760E

Complaint: After Rebuild, slight bind going into 3rd and neutrals going into 6th gear.

Cause: crossed connected the SS2 and SS3 solenoids.

Correction: Reconnect in the proper locations.

Part numbers related to the repair: NA

Year Make and Model of the Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Tundra

Mileage: NA

Shop Name: Fairview Transmission

Transmission: A760E

Additional Notes: Shop tech swapped 2 of the solenoid connectors, which was causing the complaints shown above. Pictures below demonstrate the incorrect and correct locations of the 2 connectors. Also, see the chart below That shows the solenoid and clutch applications with a summary of what would take place if the solenoids were crossed.

Pictures/Diagram: Found below

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the fix

the fix

the fix