2019 Dodge Caravan 62TE

Complaint: Setting code P0934

Cause: Faulty APP Sensor

Correction: Replace the APP sensor

Part numbers related to the repair: 05281418AB

Year Make and Model of the Vehicle: 2019 Dodge Caravan 3.6L

Mileage: NA

Shop Name: Performance Transmission

Transmission: 62TE

Additional Notes: The Line Pressure was erratic. At times it would be normal then it would drop to 30psi and back again and would set the PO934 line pressure circuit low. The circuit was checked for 5v reference and ground was good, signal wire also checked to be good. Further inspection showed the engine side was setting codes PO222 TPS2 circuit low, PO123 TPS/APP signal low and P2111 Electronic Throttle Control Unable to Close. The scanner showed APPS2 circuit voltage would become erratic at the same time the line pressure sensor signal voltage would become erratic. Replacement of the APP sensor which is part of the throttle pedal cured the complaint.

Pictures/Diagram: Included below

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the fix

the fix

the fix