2011 Dodge Grand Caravan 62TE

Complaint: Transmission was mistakenly shifting on 1-3-4-5-6, however when shifting it in manual mode it would shift 1-2-3-4-5-6 like it should. When looking at the data on a scan tool you could see the computer was commanding it to shift 1-3-4-5-6. Also, when monitoring the pressure switch you could see that the direct clutch pressure switch was not changing as well.

Cause: Faulty PCM

Correction: Replace the PCM and have it programmed. The PCM is located in the left side wheel well behind the inner fender.

Part numbers related to the repair: N/A

Year Make and Model of the Vehicle: 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

Mileage: 120,000

Shop Name: Huntington Transmission

Transmission: 62TE

Additional Notes: Most likely the problem in the PCM was an issue in the program or memory. The solenoid driver for the direct clutch had to be able to work since we could shift this unit manually. Pictures/Diagram: Included below:

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