***********New Product Announcement**************

Superior Transmission Parts is proud to announce our K086 LOW & REVERSE SUPER SERVO. This product fits A618 & 48RE Dodge transmissions years 1997 and up. Bore size 2.479"

Our New 6061-T6 Billet Piston & Steel Pin combo is the finishing touch for the late model Dodge 618 and 48RE units, it stabilizes the low and reverse piston in it's bore to prevent "flipping" or Stress to the case bore. This is seen when the pressures are increased due to customers adding horsepower additions and upgrades to engines and transmissions- especially diesels. It's unique Double Ring / Single Lip seal design stabilizes & seals the Servo to allow higher operating pressure. Includes a New High Stress-Proof, Self Centering, Steel Apply Pin. Simply ask your Parts Supplier for your "K086" Super Servo™ Today!

Part # K086 618 / 48RE Low & Reverse Super Servo™ From: Superior Transmission Parts, Inc.

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