A618 / 47RE RFI Noise Filters
Created by TRNW member, Gary Glaenzer

Component Description

      The 47RE RFI Noise Filter was designed to eliminate TCC cycling on 1996-present year Dodge trucks. This is a common problem on 1996-2002 Dodge trucks with the 47RE transmission and a diesel engine. The condition is caused by electrical noise (RFI) in the alternator output and/or throttle position sensor (APPS) circuits. These noise filters are much easier to install than similar products that are currently available. This product will eliminate the TCC cycling issue when all other possible remedies have failed.

The advantages of installing the 47RE RFI Noise Filters are:
  1. It will eliminate the torque converter clutch cycling issue for good.
  2. It is much faster and easier to install than similar products that are available.
  3. It is far less expensive than similar products that are currently available.
  4. They will work on alternator output noise AND/OR noise in the APPS sensor circuit.

      Installing the filter is very simple. Attach the red wire to the alternator output, or APPS sensor signal circuit, and attach the black wire to a good ground. Tie strap the filter to a suitable location and your done! It takes less than 10 minutes to install one filter. Please note that two filters will be needed if you are intending to use it on both the alternator output circuit and the APPS sensor circuit. You can easily isolate the source of your problem by disconnecting the alternator output wire from the alternator and wrapping it with electrical tape (to prevent shorting). Drive the vehicle with the alternator disconnected, and if the problem goes away, your RFI noise is coming from the alternator output circuit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not disconnect the batteries before you remove the alternator output wire, as this will actually reset the computer strategy and the TCC cycling issue will clear up for about a month. Just be real careful not to short out the terminal when you remove it from the alternator. Wrap the ring terminal with electrical tape to prevent it from shorting while you drive the vehicle.

Click here to view an installation schematic Click here to view an installation schematic