TRNW Testimonials

  • Date: Wed Feb 17, 2016
    Name: James Ellett
    Company: Te Transmission
    Comments: Thanks for a great network Not sure how we survived without TRNW
  • Date: Mon Feb 16, 2015
    Name: Rick Moreno
    Company: Aamco Transmissions
    Comments: This is a great source of information. I learn a lot from this site thanks Tod
  • Date: Sat Feb 7, 2015
    Name: James Johnson
    Company: Aj's Transmission
    Comments: Best money I spend all year
  • Date: Tue Sep 16, 2014
    Name: Michael Morgan
    Company: Frost Transmission, Inc.
    Comments: Great Site! More than pays for itself over and over.
  • Date: Wed Mar 25, 2014
    Name: Robert Nisssen
    Company: Nissen Automotive, Inc.
    Comments: Your site has saved me much more than the membership fee year after year. It's truly one of my most cost effective tools.
  • Date: Thu Oct 24, 2013
    Name: Tim Yochim
    Company: Mister Transmission
    Comments: Fantastic site and members, the value we have received is many times the cost of membership.
  • Date: Fri Mar 8, 2013
    Name: Jamie Weisler
    Company: Elgin Transmission
    Comments: Renewing my membership is a NO brainer. I could not do this job without the neverending resources of the members and the website.
  • Date: Wed Feb 27, 2013
    Name: Marty Lawson
    Company: Marty's Transmission
    Comments: Love being a member, lots of great help from members, always appreciated.
  • Date: Tue Feb 26, 2013
    Name: Bobby Starnes
    Company: Transmission Headquarters
    Comments: Best information source we have ever found. Thanks for all the help!
  • Date: Tue Aug 07, 2012
    Name: Carl Auchenbaugh
    Comments: I don't know if you will receive this but I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone at TRNW. I am a \"driveway mechanic\" and I just finished rebuilding the Transmission in my wife's Plymouth Grand Voyager. It is a '97 with the A604 in it. I found A LOT of very helpful information at TRNW that made the job a breeze and allowed me to make a few modifications and updates. The job went smooth and the transmission works great (We have put about 300 miles on it since the rebuild). It wasn't even this smooth and powerful when I bought the car 12 years ago. Again, Thanks to everyone at TRNW.
  • Date: Wed Feb 08, 2012
    Name: Donald Stone
    Company: Aaa Quality Transmissions
    Comments: TRNW is where the elite in the transmission industry rub elbows. Pull up a stool and learn from what the best have to offer in tech support and don\'t be afraid to chime in.
  • Date: Fri Nov 11, 2011
    Name: Danny Nelson
    Company: Superior Transmission
    Comments: very pleased
  • Date: Thu Nov 10, 2011
    Name: Pete Helms
    Company: Dixie Transmissions
    Comments: Thanks for another great year!
  • Date: Tue Nov 8, 2011
    Name: Jeff Johnson
    Company: Palouse Country Transmission
    Comments: One of the best tools in my toolbox!
  • Date: Sat Nov 4, 2011
    Name: James C Goldman
    Company: James Auto Services
    Comments: Thanks your awsome
  • Date: Thu Nov 3, 2011
    Name: Richard Webb
    Company: Transmission Technical Services
    Comments: Been doing this a long time.. This is where I go when i need advice, help, knowledge, or Ideas.. Belonged to this assoc. from the beginning in the early 90\'s.. Still here.. Best Tech site on the net..
  • Date: Wed Nov 2, 2011
    Name: Randy Kidd
    Company: Cookeville Transmission
    Comments: Best information $$$ can buy. Thanks
  • Date: Wed Oct 26, 2011
    Name: Jerry Wilcox
    Company: American Transmission Exchange
    Comments: This is a great site, well worth the expense
  • Date: Tue Oct 25, 2011
    Name: Richard Ennest
    Company: Mister Transmission
    Comments: Greatest tool in our tool box.
  • Date: Tue Oct 25, 2011
    Name: Armand Gress
    Company: Army's Transmission
    Comments: Thanks Tod, Transmission life would be twice as difficult without TRNW
  • Date: Sun Mar 20, 2011
    Name: Kit Lindsay
    Company: Lindsay Transmission
    Comments:TRNW is the best thing to come along in our industry since the Hot Flusher. The industry's top techs available to help each other 24-7. I have been with TRNW since the beginning and can't imagine operating my business without it!
  • Date: Mon Jan 10, 2011
    Name: Richard Webb
    Company: Transmission Technical Services
    Comments: Used this service for many years. Our shop has been the better because of TRNW.
  • Date: Sat Jan 1, 2011
    Name: Michael Foran
    Company: Foran's Transmissions and Auto Repair
    Comments: Awsome site!!! Dont't know how a shop can do without it.
  • Date: Mon Nov 8, 2010
    Name: Terry Coppedge
    Company: TAC Transmissions and Custom Exhaust
    Comments: TRNW is the best money I have ever spent for transmission repair help/diagnosis.
  • Date: Fri Nov 13, 2009
    Name: John Lovell
    Company: Preston County Transmissions LLC
    Comments: I love this service. Just as valuable as my scan tool.
  • Date: Thu Jul 31, 2008
    Name: Doug Bockus
    Company: Riverpark Transmissions
    Comments: Love this forum. Sorry I did not renew sooner.
  • Date: Wed Jan 9, 2008
    Name: Gary Haslip
    Company: AAMCO Transmissions
    Comments: I'm so glad to be back on board with this great group of professional technicians who are willing to share their experience and time with those in need!
  • Date: Mon Nov 5, 2007
    Name: Robert CzeckSchaeffer
    Company: The Transmission Physician
    Comments: Still the best diagnostic money spent
  • Date: Tue Oct 16, 2007
    Name: John O Connor
    Company: A & M GEARBOX CENTRE
  • Date: Fri Sep 21, 2007
    Name: Kevin McClure
    Company: McClures Transmission LLC
    Comments: I've been like an addict with my fix for a month. Mark at hotflush helped me find you.
  • Date: Mon Sep 17, 2007
    Name: Don Emory
    Company: Don's Transmission
    Comments: I'm semi retired, but wish to remain involved with this fine group of folks. I have appreciated the past & look forward to the future.
  • Date: Sun Sep 9, 2007
    Name: Dan Tucker
    Company: Tucker's Transmission
    Comments: Thank you Tod for providing an avenue for us transmission techs to communicate.
  • Date: Sun Sep 9, 2007
    Name: Larry Bloodworth
    Company: Transmission Edutainment Systems, Inc.
    Comments: Best damned transmission specialist forum on the web!
  • Date: Sat Sep 8, 2007
    Name: Joey Campbell
    Company: Campbell's Transmission Svc
    Comments: I'm very excited to be a part of a technical service that really works!
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